We work strategically to support and develop projects that benefit Oxfordshire’s environment and communities. TOE is the key independent environmental funder for Oxfordshire and aims to grow a sustainable legacy. 

Strategic plan.PNG

Strategic Plan

The Board has developed a Strategic Plan for the period 2016-2019. This outlines TOE’s purpose and ambitions and includes graphs showing income and expenditure from 2012-2015.

Our Guiding Principles


Effective working

  • Strong, transparent management procedures
  • Restraining costs by attracting expert volunteer contributors
  • Setting targets and monitoring resources and project delivery
  • Strategic planning and risk analysis
  • Good use of IT: online applications, guidance, communications

Supporting good projects and programmes

  • Developing programmes and identifying projects with community groups
  • Providing guidance, ensuring rigorous examination of proposals and control of costs
  • Seeking multiple benefits to be derived;
  • Enabling local groups to seek and obtain funding from a local, in-county source in a fair and equitable manner

Ensuring value for funders

  • Providing good communication on funded work, restraining costs, rigorously evaluating proposals and monitoring outcomes
  • Linking funding to donors’ objectives

Successful relationships

  • Maintaining good links with other environmental bodies, working with them in partnership and sharing resources where possible.
  • Enabling the public to engage with the environment

TOE’s initiative is timely, focussed and already proving very successful. I support it wholeheartedly. Confronting the challenge to our environment must have at its core a change of culture and new determination to act at a local level: that is exactly the area at which this energetic project is directed. It must be enabled to continue to succeed.
— Oxfordshire's Lord Lieutenant Tim Stevenson