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TOE's ability to administer funds for third parties is a central part of our business model. We also work closely with other people to support shared operational and strategic objectives.

Building relAtionships

TOE is all about making connections. Our operational structure is based the Community Foundation model, but with an environmental focus. 

We actively seek a wide range of funders willing to make a commitment to Oxfordshire's communities and environment. TOE offers to administer any available funds they may have, for example as sponsors or donors, according to their specific wishes and needs via our programmes and grants processes.

We also build strategic relationships with co-delivery partners and other influential stakeholders, often by providing practical support in areas of shared strategic or operational interest.

It's a model we've proven to be effective.

A fantastic range of individuals, organisations and businesses have chosen to work with TOE over the years, valuing the bespoke level of service we offer.


Our core services including fund administration are listed below. Please also see our pages on programmes and giving for more information about sponsorship and donations.



Core services

These services reflect our main areas of work, but we're not restricted to them. TOE takes a flexible and innovative approach - we're always happy to discuss new ideas and opportunties.

Fund administration

Businesses and organisations can use TOE to administer funds for environmental purposes.

We'll often run these as distinct programmes in partnership with sponsors or donors, but they can simply be added to TOE's main grant fund, too.

Please see our giving page for details if you just want to make a straight forward donation.

As a registered charity, we work to current Best Practice and meet up to date SORP requirements. We are also a Company Limited by Guarantee, and a registered Environmental Body with ENTRUST.

We have the expertise and experience required to administer funds effectively for a range of different purposes, Ring-fenced funds are the norm. Even if the criteria for any of our current grants aren't suitable for the funds you'd like us to administer, we can establish a separate programme or grants process. 

Some of TOE's funders want to be actively involved and visible, whereas others may prefer to remain relatively hands-off and silent. We can customise our service accordingly. See our programmes and giving pages to get a sense of different options.

Details of some specific services for funders are also listed below.

Biodiversity offsetting

TOE can act as a biodiversity offsetting provider for sites in Oxfordshire.

This allows us to administer funds on behalf of developers required to invest in biodiversity offsets in Oxfordshire, usually to discharge planning conditions. 

Local authorities may also use TOE to administer funds for biodiversity offsets locked into S106 agreements. 

When a developer deposits offsetting funds with TOE, they confer responsibility to us and the planning condition can be considered as discharged.

We have the local knowledge and connections necessary to find receptor sites and projects capable of generating the biodiversity units required by offsetting funds.

We also work with local planning authorities to ensure our role meets their requirements for both S106 funds and the discharge of planning conditions relating to biodiversity offsetting.

Consultancy and project support

Anyone can get in touch for advice and support on matters relating to place-based environmental funding.

Whatever you want to discuss, we're always glad to hear from people with an interest in what we do. We're especially keen to work with others who'd like to learn more about our business model, with a view to establishing similar types of funding organisations in other parts of the UK.

We're also keen to be involved in any strategic planning or opportunities affecting Oxfordshire's environment, where TOE's experience and expertise could offer valuable input.

TOE is part of the Environmental Funders Network, a UK-based network of foundations, family offices and individual donors supporting environmental causes. We share their aims to increase the amount of financial support for environmental causes and to improve its overall effectiveness.

Support for statutory organisations

TOE has established a track record of managing and allocating funds on behalf of statutory organisations, and we are keen to continue to help them deliver against their own objectives.

As a registered charity, we work to current Best Practice, and meet up to date SORP requirements. We are also a Company Limited by Guarantee, and a registered Environmental Body with ENTRUST. Funds have been processed for and on behalf of Oxfordshire County Council and The Forestry Commission.

Landfill communities fund

TOE is a registered Environmental Body with ENTRUST, which enables us to receive landfill tax credits from landfill operators through the Landfill Communities Fund (LCF).

Grundon Waste Management Ltd supports us by making funds available through the LCF, providing 10% of the funding from their own resources. Grundon has been a generous supporter since 2011, enabling us to fund a wide range of projects to a sum of about £1 million to date. Agreed criteria are publicised and a panel of experts scrutinise each application to ensure that the projects are eligible and will deliver real environmental benefits on the ground.

Please get in touch if you are also interested in supporting us in this way.


Section 106

TOE has the capacity to process S106 funds on behalf of Local Authorities, and is well placed to identify suitable high quality local projects.

We have a comprehensive agreement drawn up with advice from South Oxfordshire District Council, which could be utilised with other Authorities. Don’t let your area miss out on S106 funds.