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TOE's programmes are set up in response to specific issues, opportunities and sources of funding. We usually run them for a limited amount of time, often by working in close partnership with other organisations and funders.

Working togetheR

TOE has a strong track record of co-delivering bespoke programmes of environmental projects with different partners, including charities, trusts, foundations, public bodies and private businesses from within Oxfordshire and elsewhere in the UK.

With our robust processes and accounting procedures, and attention to monitoring and evaluation, TOE is well placed to manage major funds from sponsors or donors, directed towards specific programmes in the county. With our partnership approach, and strong links with other environmental bodies in Oxfordshire, we ensure effective delivery and a reduced administrative burden on partners.

Make something happen

To date, our programmes have delivered projects across our three core funding areas - access, biodiversity, and low carbon - but new programmes needn't be restricted to these. We're always keen to investigate new opportunities.

TOE's flexible and innovative approach means we can potentially develop programmes that suit any environmental objectives and funding criteria, providing Oxfordshire (or a neighbouring county) stands to benefit.

From corporate sponsors to charitable trust, if you have funds for environmental projects but need a respected and capable partner to help you use them, or if there's an environmental issue or opportunity you think TOE could help with, please get in touch.


Please note, if you simply want to make a donation or deposit funds with TOE, a programme may not be the best option. See our services and giving pages for other ways to support Oxfordshire's environment.

Programme benefits



TOE programmes are an effective way to raise the profile of unique and often time-limited opportunities.



Our programmes can have distinct funding criteria, making them a good option for ring-fenced funds.



We run programmes by working in partnership to co-deliver projects and meet shared objectives.

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