TOE believes in supporting communities to reduce their carbon footprint, by finding ways to reduce energy demand through adopting energy efficiency measures.

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Over five years the ENRICH programme advised and supported community buildings across Oxfordshire on becoming more energy efficient.  ENRICH was developed and run in partnership with EiE (the Environmental Information Exchange) with funding from the Patsy Wood Trust.  Advice was also provided by the Community Buildings Advisor based at Community First Oxfordshire (CFO).


  • Energy Audits carried out at 134 community buildings across Oxfordshire
  • 59 buildings received TOE grants totalling £288,372, supporting works including insulation, double glazing, LED lighting and heating.
  • Estimated carbon savings; 679 tonnes of CO2e (Carbon Dioxide and associated greenhouse gases), with an estimated financial saving of £358,050. Based on data collected from 70 buildings on progress towards achieving audit recommendations.
  • Production of an Energy Guide – “Managing Energy Use in your Community Building” (download here)
  • Production of a Tips Sheet of advice for local shops on energy and water efficiency (download here)
  • Posters to promote energy efficiency to the wider community made available to community buildings

beyond the ENRICH Programme

  • We can put community buildings in touch with EiE, who provide bespoke energy audits.  Audit costs can be recouped by making energy efficiency improvements.

  • TOE and other grant makers will use energy audit reports to guide funding decisions. 

  • We can offer grants of up to £5,000 towards implementing energy audit recommendations.



TOE2 would like to thank the following for their support of the ENRICH programme:

  • Patsy Wood Trust
  • Moira Dorey and the rest of the team at EiE
  • Community First Oxfordshire
  • All participating halls and their volunteers