Low Carbon Agenda

With increasing concern about climate change, there's a groundswell of interest in the area of renewable resources and many active local groups in Oxfordshire. We can help.

Being resourceful

TOE wishes to promote existing imaginative and effective schemes and help to inspire more local communities to get involved with making better use of resources and reducing their carbon footprint.

Examples that TOE might support include:

  • Making community buildings more energy efficient - please note that projects must be identified through an energy audit. Last date for community buildings to apply - 4th Sept 2019 

  • Develop renewable energy projects for community facilities where efficiency improvements have already been implemented, and where there are direct community benefits and profits go back to the community. Last date for community buildings to apply - 4th Sept 2019

  • Produce wood fuel through managing local woods for biodiversity

  • Encourage the reduction, reuse and recycling of waste

  • Increase awareness of how communities can reduce their carbon footprint

  • Improve water efficiency

  • Encourage and promote more sustainable transport options

  • Promote, produce or distribute local food and reduce food miles


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Main fund

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Our main fund offers grants of up to £10,000 for low carbon agenda projects that match the criteria outlined above.

We consider applications quarterly.



We form partnerships with funders and other organisations to co-deliver programmes of work that offer distinctive opportunities and have significant strategic value.

Please note that we do not have any low carbon agenda programmes open for grant applications at the moment.