A trusted provider

TOE offers a simple and effective service for anyone holding funds for biodiversity offsets in Oxfordshire. Developers, planning authorities and communities can all have confidence in our ability to deliver the right projects. 

A respected local Provider

TOE offers a complete service for anyone that needs a biodiversity offsetting provider in Oxfordshire.

As the county's leading independent environmental funder, TOE has the local knowledge and strategic oversight necessary to identify suitable projects and receptor sites that can deliver the amount of biodiversity units required for offsets. We also have the administrative capacity to manage large, ring-fenced funds.

We've developed this service with local planning authorities, following Defra guidance for biodiversity offsetting providers, to ensure that TOE's offsetting provision is suitable for S106 agreements and discharging Planning Conditions.


Process summary

Anyone that needs an offsetting provider for sites in Oxfordshire can deposit funds with us and we'll do the rest.

  • We're a registered charity and recognised offsetting provider with regulated financial processes.
  • Planning conditions can be considered discharged as soon as funds are deposited with us.
  • We advertise offsetting grants and engage with the sector to find suitable projects and receptor sites.
  • We ensure delivery of the minimum number of biodiversity units required for an offset.


Our administration fee is considered part of the cost of offsetting and therefore deducted from any funds deposited with us.

TOE does not charge developers any additional fees for our service.

From deposited funds, TOE deducts an overhead of 15% on offsets up to and including £100,000, and 10% on those of more than £100,000.

This fee covers the full service provided including promotion of the availability of the fund, processing applications from offset providers, and supporting the delivery of the projects.

Other points to note

Offsetting funding allocations may be matched with other offsetting funding or other grant funding to support larger, more strategic projects.

Offset funds may be banked in a ring-fenced fund for large-scale strategic habitat restoration and land purchase schemes to secure sites for long term for biodiversity gain.

The funding will be allocated to sites within the District Council area where the offset has been created.

Individual funding allocations should be spent within 10 years of receipt, or returned to the developer, less the administration fee.

Please get in touch if you have any questions or wish to discuss anything further.