Giving to Oxfordshire's environment is an investment in the future of this beautiful county. TOE offers lots of ways for individuals, organisations and businesses to make a difference.

Make a donation

Donating to TOE helps us deliver a wide range of benefits and improvements to Oxfordshire’s environment.

The link on the right will take you to a secure page where you can make a donation of your choice, either as a one-off or on a regular basis. All support is very gratefully received.

There are several other environmental charities working in Oxfordshire which offer membership as a way to support their work; contact us for more details.

See below for other giving and investment options.

A meaningful investment

Giving to TOE will make a difference. Oxfordshire's landscape is facing enormous pressures, but by engaging local people with their environment we can improve quality of life and help secure this land for the future.

TOE is effective at funding environmental projects that make Oxfordshire a better place. We work strategically to channel funds directly to where they’re needed most. Partnerships are key to what we do, and we're uniquely placed to link our donors’ funds with projects that really are effective.

Our robust structures and processes means funding is distributed effectively. Rigorous and detailed assessment means that only high quality projects receive funding.

Our experienced Board, Grant Panel and Assessors all volunteer their time because they believe in what we do. TOE makes a tangible difference to Oxfordshire’s environment and people want to be involved.

We're continuously seeking funds to enable TOE to continue making a difference to Oxfordshire’s environment by supporting a range of worthwhile projects. If required, we can ring-fence donations to support specific areas of work or projects within particular locations.

We're also looking into various investment and endowment opportunities that would offer donors new opportunities to help us diversify our income streams and secure TOE's long term future.


Please note, if you have dedicated funds for environmental causes that TOE could administer, our services and programmes pages may offer more relevant information.


We're able to administer any type of donation or investment, and we're always open to new opportunities.

Individuals and families

There can be no denying the power of philanthropy, and what can be achieved by harnessing funding with a vision. 

Individuals can support environmental projects in Oxfordshire through TOE in a variety of different ways. We understand that everyone is different and our small size enables us to respond flexibly to each individual’s interests. We are here to guide you through the options so that your giving fits with what is most important to you, and how it can most benefit Oxfordshire’s environment and its communities.

Whether you are interested in making a one off donation or regular gift to one of our 3 key areas of support, or whether there is something specific that you wish to fund, do get in touch.

Corporate giving

'Corporate Social Responsibility', 'Natural Capital’ – companies are increasingly being told that they must shift their behaviour to conserve and enhance natural resources, rather than depleting them.

Many companies in Oxfordshire already support their local community, but demands on their time mean that they struggle to deal with almost weekly requests for funding. It can be difficult to find the resources to dedicate as much time to community support as a company might want to do, and  that can lead to no support at all, or ad-hoc grants allocated on a ‘first come first served’ basis.

By channelling giving through TOE, you can be confident that your company can deliver support that is effective and hugely valued by the wider community. We can build in staff involvement, team building, or family sessions too. Or a straightforward annual grant can be used to deliver the sort of outcomes your company would like to see.

We have expertise in CSR and sponsorships, so we can work with you to develop something distinct for your company.


There is no doubt that leaving a Legacy in your will can make a massive contribution towards the things you care most about.

The annual income created by legacies represents 15% of all voluntary income received by British charities. Each year, an estimated £2bn is received from legacies, but most of that is left to national charities, with little being directed towards smaller, local organisations.

If you are considering leaving a Legacy in your will, do consider how this might benefit the beautiful county in which you live.

We are happy to discuss aspects of the environment that are important to you or ideas for future initiatives which can make a significant contribution towards ensuring that future generations will benefit from your gift.

A gift in your will can help to secure the future of Oxfordshire’s countryside and inspire and engage the people who live here. Do get in touch with us and we can arrange for Legacy information to be sent to you.

Trusts and foundations

TOE is not only a grant giver, we also manage a number of Oxfordshire-wide programmes, delivered by a range of partners within the county.

Many of these programmes have been funded through donations from grant making trusts and foundations from within Oxfordshire and elsewhere in the UK.

At a time of increased pressure on charity resources, TOE’s role can significantly benefit a wide range of partners. As one Oxfordshire charity recently put it, “By funders putting their grants through TOE, it reduces the amount of administrative time we have to put into it, so from our point of view, it’s a ‘win win’ all round!”