Our Grant Panel

TOE’s Grant Panel is a group of experts who volunteer their time to consider each grant application made to TOE. It meets four times a year.



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Low Carbon

If you have expertise in any of our funding areas and would be interested in joining the Grant Panel, please get in touch.

Camilla Burrow


Camilla is an ecologist with experience in business development, environmental data, legislation and planning policy, and restoration of land. Following a BSc in Biology and MSc in Environmental Management, Camilla worked as the Ecologist Planner for Oxfordshire County Council for about five years before becoming Director of the Thames Valley Environmental Records Centre (TVERC) in 2012.

Dan Carpenter


Dan is an ecologist and environmental data scientist with over ten years’ experience in ecological research and practice. A degree in Wildlife Conservation led to a PhD at the University of Reading. Dan has worked as a Local Authority ecologist, providing advice on planning matters and conservation land management. In his current role at the Thames Valley Environmental Records Centre (TVERC), Dan uses biological records and other environmental data to help a wide range of customers make informed decisions about managing the natural environment. This includes providing evidence to support Local Plans, green infrastructure strategies, and biodiversity action plans.  He also advises conservation organisations and local groups. 

Mike Furness

Biodiversity, access and project management

Mike is an environmental consultant with particular expertise in countryside access and public rights of way. He has nearly 30 years’ experience, split evenly between highway authority and independent consultancy working. Since 1993 he has been closely involved with running Cuttle Brook Local Nature Reserve in Thame, a 30-acre, publicly accessible site managed for both people and wildlife. As reserve manager he has applied for numerous grants and has first-hand experience of the challenges faced by community groups seeking funds to improve their local environment. Having also run grant schemes for the Forestry Commission and LEADER, he understands the constraints and challenges that can arise in trying to get funds to where they are needed most.

Dominic Lamb

Biodiversity and access

Dominic has worked in nature conservation since 1991, starting his career with the Cornwall and Wiltshire Wildlife Trusts, with spells in private consultancy. For the last 17 years he has worked as an ecological advisor to two of the Oxfordshire Local Authorities.  He has wide ranging experience of habitat management and expert knowledge of protected species.  He has pioneered Biodiversity Offsetting in Oxfordshire and in his spare time runs a nature reserve in his home village.

Chris Parker

Biodiversity, access and project delivery

Chris is the Head of Land Management at the Earth Trust. Chris manages the Earth Trust’s mixed farm, comprising woodland, grassland and arable. At the heart of the site is the Wittenham Clumps, which receives over 150,000 visits per year, so Chris has a wealth of experience in delivering public access projects. In addition, he has overseen large-scale grassland restoration and wetland creation projects as well as the day to day management of a wide range of habitats including hedgerows, species rich wildflower meadows, woodlands and arable land.

Jake Piper

Low carbon and sustainability

Jake’s professional experience includes project management, environmental impact assessment and other forms of impact assessment; evaluation for awards processes; and adaptation to climate change. Her skills include research, an ability to analyse and review complex issues objectively, as well as close attention to detail, in addition to strategic thinking. She is a team player but willing and able to challenge and discuss issues.

Toni Robinson

Low carbon and sustainability

Toni did a degree in Environmental Science and worked in countryside management for a short time before deciding on a career in waste management. Her current role at Grundon is Head of Compliance with the main focus being related to the environmental and health and safety aspects of the business.  Toni has a keen interest in the local environment and in ensuring that funding makes a real difference to project delivery.

Karen Woolley

Project management

Karen has worked in the Charity Sector for over 20 years, including six years for the environmental charity BTVC (now The Conservation Volunteers). She has always valued the natural environment and has helped establish a number of different community organisations, including the Woodcote Conservation Group. She has been directly involved with local conservation projects from conception, through fundraising to delivery, and understands the difference that funding support can bring to local groups.