Up to £165,040 available for Vale of White Horse

TOE’s biodiversity offsetting fund for Vale of White Horse district currently stands at £137,040.

We’re keen to hear from people that would like to deliver a biodiversity project anywhere in the district, although preference may be given to sites near:

  • Drayton

  • Sutton Courtenay

Grants are available of any size up to the total amount on offer.

Anyone can apply.

Offsetting grants are specifically for habitat creation or improvement. This may be achieved though capital works, changes in land use and management, and land purchase.

  • The most eligible projects will take lower quality habitats and improve them.

  • Single-site projects are preferable. Suites of connected projects area aren’t normally eligible. 

  • Projects which aim to protect already good habitats are not suitable for these funds.

  • Funded projects must demonstrate commitment to a 25-year management plan.

We want applicants who can use the full amount on offer to deliver outcomes at receptor sites near the development being compensated for, and always within the same local planning authority.

Projects will be assessed against our usual grants criteria and their ability to deliver a minimum number of biodiversity units, the calculation used to quantify habitat quality and quantity.

Projects with additional elements not covered by offsetting funds, such as access works, may consider applying for match funding from any of our eligible main fund grants to help with these extra costs.

See here for more details.