We believe that everyone, including the elderly and those with reduced mobility, should be able to enjoy accessing and exploring Oxfordshire’s countryside and green spaces for recreation and enjoyment, with all the health and well-being benefits this brings.

Projects that help

TOE supports projects which improve access to local sites as well as the wider countryside and strategic routes.

We also welcome projects which fit within Oxfordshire County Council’s (OCC) Rights of Way Management Plan (RoWMP) 2015-2025.

The OCC Countryside Access Team is always happy to offer support and advice to local communities wishing to make their area easier and safer to explore on foot, by bicycle and on horseback.

TOE will support projects which improve the accessibility and quality of the rights of way network, including:

  • Creating new links, circular routes and traffic-free routes
  • Replacing stiles with gates
  • Improving path surfaces
  • Improving signs and route-marking
  • Promoting the wider use of the countryside and green spaces, and linking with local facilities.
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We form partnerships with funders and other organisations to co-deliver programmes of work that offer distinctive opportunities and have significant strategic value.

Please note that we do not have any access programmes open for grant applications at the moment.