TOE2 is effective at funding environmental projects that make Oxfordshire a better place. We work strategically to channel funds directly to where they’re needed most. Partnerships are key to what we do, and we are uniquely placed to link our donors’ funds with projects that will really make a difference.


Our robust structures and processes means funding is distributed effectively. Rigorous and detailed assessment means that only high quality projects receive funding.


Giving to Oxfordshire's environment is an investment in the future of this beautiful county. It will support its woodlands, meadows and other wild places.  It will support its network of footpaths and help to reduce the use of precious resources. And it will support the communities who live and work here.


Our landscape is facing enormous pressures over the next 20 years, but by engaging local people with the local environment we can improve quality of life while securing this land for the future.

Our experienced board, Grant Panel and knowledgeable assessors all volunteer their time because they believe in what we do. TOE2 makes a tangible difference to Oxfordshire’s environment and people want to be involved.


We are continuously seeking funds to enable us to continue making a difference to Oxfordshire’s environment by supporting a range of worthwhile projects.  TOE2 can ring-fence funding streams to support specific areas of work or to support projects within specific locations within the county.

“The ethos of TOE2 rubs off; it influenced our thinking and planning, ensuring that the project satisfied the original objectives.”

Kirtlington Village Hall 

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Our Funders include: Grundon Waste Management Ltd - Patsy Wood Trust – Oxfordshire County Council – Beatrice Laing Trust – Network Rail - TVERC