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What drives us?

toe2 is a charity, a non-profit making company and an ENTRUST registered environmental body. Our aim is to drive and support the strategic direction of environmental change in Oxfordshire and to provide an effective and economical link between local donors and environmental initiatives throughout the County
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What do we fund?

• Improved biodiversity of local habitats
• Increased access to and wider promotion
of the countryside and green spaces
• Encourage and develop the sustainable use of renewable resources in local communities
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Provide funding for a project!

toe2 will channel funds from a wide range of sources, including statutory, companies, trusts, individuals and the Landfill Communities Fund (LCF), to provide information and grants to community environmental projects
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I need funding for a new project

If you have a project which falls within one or more of the toe2 funding areas, find out how to apply for a grant
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